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Customer Testimonials

Awesome guys I would recommend them to everyone.

- Shaun McQuillen

This company is amazing, had a great experience!!! I would HIGHLY recommend them!!

- Julia Meiners

Great company! They took no time fixing my piping under the house! Very professional.

- Autumn in the Lowcountry

The week before last when some of our temps reached 87-89 degrees outside, my A/C decided that 5:30 pm was a good time to break down. I called my regular service immediately and left messages on both phone lines including the "on-call technician" line. After an hour and a half of no one calling me back, I remembered that the crew that does my power washing had recently left me a card of a relatively new A/C service they are familiar with and the men who started the company have a combined 43 years in the business. At 7 pm I called this company and after two rings one of the owners picked up. I explained the problem as best I could and he said he had a man on lady's island and would call me back after speaking with him. Five minutes later he called back and said the technician was on his was and would be here in about 20 minutes. true to his word, my door bell rang 20 minutes later. The technician immediately identified the problem and he said he'd have it fixed within the hour. Music to my ears! For a reliable, mature, professional service, call them, you will not be disappointed. You will get a call back within 10 minutes and are very accommodating to what time you prefer. It was a very good experience and they are my new service people.

- Pamela Murray

Thank you for the timely service.

- Marie Miller

Charles is one of the most considerate service techs we have ever had. He became aware we were hosting a party on Sunday and came over early in the day to get our heat back on. He did a very thorough check of the over all system. I feel like we found a jewel of a service tech. Your organization can be very pleased you have employed him. I look forward to his help during the year.

- Earl Smith

You give service a good name. We don't wish to need you soon but you sure are getting lots of free word of mouth advertising from us. I can not thank you enough for the outstanding service you gave to us during our A.C. saga. From the first call to remembering to fix the drip line, you were all efficient, effective, pleasant, on time and all around helpful.

- Anne Helm

To Marco and all the staff at All American Air, Thank you for all the hard work and dedication. Hope you all stay cool as my family is thanks to you!

Josh, Aimee, Liam, and Jelly Bean

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